Philadelphia Flyers Cooperall Pants

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Philadelphia Flyers Cooperall Pants

Philadelphia Flyers Cooperall Pants

The Philadelphia Flyers Cooperall Pants were a type of hockey pants worn by the Flyers during the 1981-82 NHL season. The pants were distinctive in that they were designed as a one-piece, covering both the legs and the waist in a single garment. The pants were made of a heavy-duty nylon material and featured padding for protection.

The Cooperall Pants were controversial when they were first introduced, as many players felt that the one-piece design limited their mobility and made it difficult to move on the ice. There were also concerns about the pants being too warm, as they covered a larger area of the body than traditional hockey pants.

The Flyers were the only team to use the Cooperall Pants during the 1981-82 season, and they abandoned the design after just a few months. While other teams did not widely adopt the Cooperall Pants, they remain a unique and memorable part of Flyers history.

Today, traditional hockey pants are still used by players at all levels of sport. These pants are typically made of a lightweight and durable material such as nylon or polyester, and feature padding and ventilation to protect players and keep them cool during games.

These Black Cotton Heavyweight Sweatpants with an orange stripe and the Flyers logo on the right leg are an homage to the Cooperalls worn by the Flyers from 1981-83, they are Fleece cloth sweatpants.

Pants: 100% Cotton
Trim: 100% Polyester
Made in the USA

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