Philadelphia Flyers 50th Year Jersey Patch

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Philadelphia Flyers 50th Year Jersey Patch

The Philadelphia Flyers 50th Year jersey patch is a commemorative patch that was worn by the team during the 2016-2017 season to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the franchise. The patch features the Flyers' logo and the number "50" in gold on a black background.


The Flyers were founded in 1967 as part of the NHL's expansion, and they quickly became one of the league's most popular and successful teams. Over the course of their first 50 years, the Flyers won two Stanley Cups (in 1974 and 1975), appeared in the Finals six times, and produced numerous Hall of Fame players and iconic moments.


To mark this milestone, the Flyers wore the 50th Year patch on their jerseys during the 2016-2017 season, and the team also hosted a number of special events and promotions throughout the year. The patch has since become a collector's item among Flyers fans and NHL memorabilia collectors.